• Shelley Oto

Working While Traveling Can Be Fun and Rewarding

My hope is this article will help your journey to an enjoyable work and travel experience be a smooth one!

People ask me how I'm pulling off my work schedule with clients when I'm dealing with severe time differences. In some cases, the difference can be anywhere from 8 - 14 hours, and it can be challenging but in short, where there's a will there's a way.

I think an important point to emphasize is that there's a difference between working remotely from one place versus working remotely while traveling from place to place every one to two weeks or more. Additional forethought is obviously required for the latter.

Be open to all recommendations as every journey is a little different and requires different prep and adjusting. For my tips, keep reading below:

First, I purchase all the tech shared in my article, So, You Wanna Work from Anywhere, EH? I got You.

Secondly, I choose my lodging based upon location, Wi-Fi connection, and desk space. Yes, desk space. I spend long days and nights working, and there's no need to acquire unnecessary back pain by sitting hunched over my computer via my bed for extended periods of time. It's also nice to be able to comfortably see all of your necessities. Spoiled? Maybe, but it's what I realized I needed to do this successfully and to keep my mind happy and back feeling good.

In order to accomplish what I needed to do, I'd schedule calls with clients mid to the end of each week. I'd plan to arrive to my destination on Monday and sometimes on Tuesday.

This allows me to test my Wifi, What's app, FaceTime audio and SIM card connections on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to see what works best for calls. Every person's schedule is going to be different and will depend on the time difference. For me, I work in the mornings for several hours, so that my clients receive my submissions via email before they walk in the office. I explore during the day and check my email when I return in the evenings and answer anything pressing, so I know what needs to be addressed when I wake up.

Preparing your clients for the transition is key. I create updates surrounding where I am with a key that outlines time differences, so communication is seamless as possible. Keeping your clients updated with your availability is both essential and appreciated.

Last, but not least, I stay for several days longer (2-5 five days) in each location to offset the time I spend working and to ensure I have time to explore, eat well and experience the city.

Be kind to yourself during this process. Try not to judge yourself if things don't go as planned.

Be flexible, diligent and disciplined for it's a must. Having fun and setting aside time for yourself is mandatory.

Allowing myself this time has changed my life. Bringing this dream into fruition has reaffirmed that I can do anything. There's no ceiling or walls related to my potential to create my future. Yes, it was a little shaky at first but it was well worth the confidence I acquired and the life lessons I learned.

Last but not least, bring a light and compact laptop that can be easily transported in your travel bag. Just because you have to work, doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the fun. Take a walk, explore and then take breaks at local spots that allow you to people watch, observe and get work done.

EVERYTHING is possible. This I know for sure . Like Nike says, quit talking about it and "Just do it."

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