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Sound Meditation In Bali With Punnu Wasu

I attended a guided meditation led by Punnu Wasu that left me thinking differently about the way I look at the power of community and energy. I had the pleasure of traveling to Ubud, Bali and visit the renowned Yoga Barn to take a variety of classes and attend a breathwork and meditation class led by Punnu.

I began the day with a private healing session guided by Punnu. It was wonderful. During our session, I shared the reason for my travels and interest surrounding the multitude of healing methods that are available around the world. He asked me lots of questions. After listening to my intention and feeling content with my answers, he invited me to film his sound healing meditation. For those of you who have never attended a sound healing, it’s an energy-changing experience and use of cameras is rarely seen in any of these experiences for a multitude of reasons, so I felt deeply honored that Punnu allowed me to participate in this way. I had the honor of capturing a Sound Meditation led by Punnu Singh Wasu.

A sound meditation is multi-faceted. The benefits are vast and requires each participant to be as involved or passive as one chooses. The experience requires laying down to relax, slow the breath and truly prepare to receive a selection of sounds delivered by instruments such as #Tibetan singing bowls, tuning folks, gongs, drumming, voice, etc. Similar to meditation led by mantras, sound helps guide one to a place of meditative stillness. Sound can help shift perspective and change the way we view a challenge that may be preventing a person from achieving balance. Sound induces relaxation, acts of meditative focal point and also can clear areas of energy blockage that can be located in our physical and subtle bodies. A sound meditation uses vibrational sounds and a range of instruments to reduce stress, relax your brain, alter consciousness and create a harmonious state of peace, well being, healing and insight.

Punnu is a vocalist and musician who began his musical journey at age 5, where Punnu studied Indian classical music (Hindustani) and singing the beautiful verses of Kirtan with his father throughout India. Punnu has traveled all over the world sharing the gift of Kirtan and has been invited to sing at some of the most sacred places in India, including the Golden Temple Amritsar Vrindavan Hemkuntsahib.

He led the sound healing with his full band. It was glorious and moving. With each minute that passed, I could feel my mind going deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation and peace. We were treated to a range of auditory enhancements and I left the #soundbath feeling lighter and mentally clearer. It was beautiful.

Thank you Punnu for allowing me to participate and capture this moment to share with others. To learn more about #Punnu Wasu, check out his website: CLICK HERE

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