Maderas Village - Maderas

January 03, 2023

With great intention, we’ve made a home for the modern traveler, for thinkers and doers and all of their interesting associates. In fully recognizing that it’s always the individuals that make an experience, we take great pride in our ability to attract and cultivate a community of characters, of movers and shakers, creative professionals, students, travelers, business savants, entrepreneurs, and everyone else in between.

Here, guests are encouraged to do what feels right – be it relax and unwind, tackle a new project, or simply gain inspiration from the people and world in a new setting. Everything from the furniture in the rooms, to the art on the walls and the music in the air, to the ingredients in the kitchen – all of it has been influenced and shaped by both the natural world around us and the lives of our international travelers.

Magnific Rock - Popoyo

February 23, 2023

Our studio is not your average studio. Located on the top floor of Magnific Rock, with 270-degree breathtaking views of the Nicaraguan coastline. Taking a deep breath gives you a senatorial feeling of peace, adding to the serenity of your yoga experience.The polished wooden floor 920 square feet studio can accommodate 35 people for a yoga workshop. With large open windows, wall size mirrors and equipped with yoga mats, straps, blocks and blankets...

Zen Yoga - San Juan Del Sur

May 28, 2023

Welcome to the home of Zen Yoga Nicaragua’s Studio.  We are located in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, and offer daily yoga classes at our studio. Zen Yoga Nicaragua also provides hosting and booking services for yoga instructors seeking to lead yoga retreats and trainings at the area’s top resorts. Through our booking platform, Nicaragua Yoga Institute, you can book services, yoga teacher trainings, and yoga retreats which we run out of our studio.

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