Yoga Studios I Visited and Enjoyed While Traveling

There is a lot of great Yoga available in the states and internationally. Fortunately, I've the immense opportunity to explore how Yoga is practiced all over the world.  I tend to gravitate towards a warmer practice, with experienced instructors. I tend to lean towards Vinyasa, Yin and Power focused classes, but enjoy all styles of Yoga especially if the classes are led by strong instructors. If this is your jam as well, check out some of my recommendations! 

Transport In Every Area Code

Links to the some of the best and most efficient ways to move around country to country.

Staying Cute in Every Country Code

Not that it matters...

Of course it matters to you, otherwise you wouldn't still be reading this.  Links to some of the most unique boutiques around the world + fashion blogs to help you pack.  

Good Eats Everywhere! Diet? No Way ... We're on Vacation

What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Check Out the Hostels, Hotels and AirBNBs I Lodged At and Recommend

There are so many things to consider when traveling with lodging being a big one.  I stay at hostels (if they provide private lodging) hotels and Airbnbs. Let me help you narrow the options so you can spend your time doing more of the fun stuff like planning your day and evening activities! When traveling for multiple months at a time, I couldn't afford to stay at hotels every night. So instead, I split it up!  These are the places I've stayed, and would stay again in a heartbeat.  

Tours and Activities

To many things to do, so little time ... Must see things to do and explore.  Try to remember, you can ALWAYS return to do the things you missed the first time. No stress, it's vacation.

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