Shelley Oto is a versatile creator, producer, and yoga enthusiast. She was introduced to Yoga in 2007 and has since become an avid student turned instructor in 2016.  Shelley has worked independently and for corporations for seventeen years and has found Yoga to be a healing mechanism to deal with the stress and challenges that come with working in a demanding environment.  Soon after becoming a teacher, she learned of the different ways people are suffering mentally, emotionally and physically from a variety of causes that are both known and unknown.  Lucky for Shelley, she found her go-to outlet, to cope with some of her toughest challenges, but for many, they are still searching. 

Shelley’s interest in holistic healing began close to home. Two very important people in her life battling different ailments saw their lives transform, as illnesses plagued their ability to live a normal life.  Years went by, as their ailments worsened with countless visits to different doctors. The medications prescribed created new problems leaving both patients feeling defeated. This led to a desperate look at Eastern alternatives. The introduction to Eastern modalities was eye opening and life changing for both patients. For one, Chinese medicinal herbs and acupuncture brought her painful symptoms into remission and for the other, a powder made from all natural ingredients allowed her to stop taking her steroid medication and caused her potentially deadly disease to go into remission. Years later, both patients are still in remission.

Since it took so long for Shelley’s friends to find treatments for their condition, Shelley felt inspired to look deeper into the variety of modalities that are available in different areas of the world.  She realized that a high percentage of people do not have the resources nor the time to thoroughly research treatments, so she decided to help bring visibility to what is available. This is what inspired Shelley’s commitment to Wandering Boo, which memorializes her globe-trotting experiences, as she uncovers the multitude of available healing methods shared and practiced throughout the world.

Additionally, Shelley is passionate about Yoga and is inspired to bring visibility to the wide range of healthy travel options that exist around the world.  There’s a lot to be experienced. The era of sitting by a pool drinking margaritas all day is behind us, as more people are interested in experience-driven, healthy travel alternatives; and Shelley wants to bring light to exactly what is available. 

Shelley is a 2X certified Yoga instructor in Power Yoga. Shelley began practicing Yoga in 2007 and has since acquired a global perspective having practiced in Bali, Italy, Tulum, Costa Rica, Colombia, Nicaragua, Maldives, Portugal, Thailand, South Africa, Paris, Morocco and Amsterdam.

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